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Real Exchange Rate and Economic Growth: Determining the Direction of Impact in Ghana

December 7, 2012 Posted by admin

Abel Fumey
University of Ghana, Department of Economics, Accra – Ghana.

The study examines the relationship between the real exchange rate and economic growth in Ghana with emphasis on the channel through which the impact is transmitted by using an annualized data from 1980 to 2010. The long run and short run dynamics of the variables of interest are captured by estimating an error correction model using Johansen cointegration approach. Empirical results obtained suggess that there is a significant long run relationship between real exchange rate and economic growth and that real exchange rate impacts positively on gross domestic product. (more…)

Pay Differences Among College Students: Are Women the Weaker Sex?

December 7, 2012 Posted by admin

Collette M. Arens Batesa* and Joe Dobsonb
aDepartment of Business, Mount Mercy University
1330 Elmhurst Drive, NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402, USA
Department of Management & Marketing, Western Illinois University
1 University Circle, Macomb, IL  61455, U.S.A.

Our society continues to indicate real remnants of gender discrimination.  One artifact of this discrimination is the gender gap in pay that remains after all other known factors are controlled for.  While many explanations are offered for this, one is that women are willing to work for less money by accepting lower salaries.  (more…)

Retaining Generation X Academics in Higher Education Institutions

December 7, 2012 Posted by admin

Pumela Msweli
School of Business Leadership, University of South Africa
PO Box 392, UNISA 0003, South Africa

There is a great need to attract and retain younger generations of faculty to ensure long-term sustainability of higher education institutions. The research reported here provides empirical evidence that Generation X academics in higher education institutions are likely to quit as a result of both lower job satisfaction and reduced organisational commitment. (more…)

Public Private Partnership as an Alternative Source of Financing Highway in Ghana

December 7, 2012 Posted by admin

Charles Andoha*, Ebenezer Agyakwa Millsb and Daniel Quayec
aDepartment of Finance and cDepartment of Marketing and Customer Management
University of Ghana Business School, Legon, Accra, Ghana
Ghana Highway Authority, P.O. Box GC 1641, Kimbu Road, Accra, Ghana
, University of Ghana Business School, Accra, Ghana.

This paper assesses the profitability of a private entity going into partnership with the Ghanaian government for the construction and management of highways. The paper derives the conditions under which public private partnership highway financing can be viable in Ghana. (more…)

Production-Distribution and Transportation Planning in Flexible Multi-Echelon Supply Chains

December 7, 2012 Posted by admin

Joel K. Jolayemi and Chunxing Fan
Department of Business Administration, College of Business, Tennessee State University,
330 10th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37203, U.S.A.

We develop a model for production-distribution and transportation planning in flexible multi echelon supply chains. When solved, the model produces the optimal quantity of each product to be produced at each plant in each period, transported from each plant to each distribution centre (DC) in each period, shipped from each DC to each retailer in each period, transported directly from some plants to some retailers in each period, kept in inventory at each plant and at each DC in each period, and subcontracted at each DC in each period. (more…)

Environmental Audit Practices in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria

December 7, 2012 Posted by admin

O.F. Osemene, A.S. Kasum, and K.A. Yahaya
Department of Accounting and Finance, University of Ilorin, PMB 1515, Kwara State, Nigeria

The study assessed environmental audit practice as well as the effectiveness of environmental laws in small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. It also evaluated the impact of SMEs activities on the environment and on human health. (more…)

Forecasting the Performance of Specially Treated Chinese Companies After Asset Restructuring: A Discriminant Analysis Approach

December 7, 2012 Posted by admin

Hui Li and Ye Zhang
School of Economics and Management, Zhejiang Normal University
PO Box 62, 688 YingBinDaDao Street, Jinhua, Zhejiang 321004, PR China

Using data collected from a sample of 42 companies, 11 different financial indicators are tested from which 4 are identified as good predictors of the performances of specially treated (ST) companies after asset restructuring. (more…)

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