Special Issue Editors and Editor-in-Chief’s Note

Special Issue Editors

Sundaravalli Narayanaswami (PhD), Prof. N Ravichandran
Public System Group Production and Quantitative Methods
Indian Institute of Management Indian Institute of Management
Ahmedabad-380015, India Ahmedabad 380015, India
Tel: + 91-79-66324941  Tel: +91-79 6632 4814
 Email: sundaravallin@iima.ac.in Email: nravi@iima.ac.in


Editor-in-Chief’s Note

This issue of AMS; Volume 5, Number 2; is the second special issue of the journal to be published. The special issue is on Management Science and Applications. It contains some selected and highly vetted papers from Sixth National Conference on Management Science and Practice (MSP-2016) that was held in  the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, in September 9-10 2016.  The conference was organized by Management Science and Practices (a strong affiliate of Operational Research Society of India) and Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

There is a collaboration agreement between Management Science and Practice (MSP) and AMS. The agreement provides that MSP works with AMS to publish selected, highly vetted, and high-quality papers from each MSP biennial conference as a special issue of AMS.

At the end of MSP-2016, attendees who presented papers at the conference were encouraged to submit their papers to Professors Sundaravalli Narayanaswami and N. Ravichandran, both of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad . Both scholars were nominated at the conference to coordinate the review of the manuscripts and work with the Editor-in-Chief of AMS on the publication of accepted papers. This was followed by their appointments as the Editors of this special issue. Both scholars have very outstanding records of academic achievements and excellence service.

Professor Narayanaswami has given great supports and services to AMS. She was the Editor of the first special issue of the journal. She did a very marvelous and highly commendable  in the production of the issue. She is also an Area Editor of the journal. Professor Narayanaswami established the link that led to the collaboration agreement between AMS and MSP.

The Biennial MSP Conference is the brainchild of Professor Ravichandran. He is the lead planner and organizer of the Conference and the force behind the Conference’s continuous growth and popularity. He has demonstrated an outstanding academic leadership and has contributed immensely to the growth of Operations Research and Management Science in India.

In accordance with AMS policy and practice and in keeping with its high standard, the papers submitted to the Special Issue Editors were subjected to  rigorous double-blind peer review process which finally resulted in the acceptance of nine  papers published in this special issue. The  published articles span a wide range of topics in Operations Research/Management Science and Applications.

On behalf of the Editorial Board of AMS, I would like to thank the Special Issue Editors  very greatly for the  marvelous and highly commendable job they have done in making the publication of this special issue possible.

I greatly appreciate the wonderful works done by the reviewers of the articles submitted for the special issue. They did very great and thorough jobs in the reviews and provided very useful and insightful comments, suggestions, and recommendations for us and/or the authors.

I will like to express my great appreciation to AMS  Editorial Board members for the great and useful suggestions, advice, supports, and services they always give so graciously and generously.


Professor Joel K. Jolayemi (Ph.D.), Editor-in-Chief.




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