Note From the Editor-in-Chief

This issue of AMS (Volume 3, Number 1) is the first published special issue of the journal. The special issue is on Operations Research and Applications.  It contains a few selected  papers from the 2013 International Symposium on Operations Research and Application (ISORAP2013)  that was held in  Marrakesh, Morocco, May 8-10 2013.  The Symposium was organized by the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS). Its organizers selected AMS and European Journal of Operations Research as publication outlets for the papers presented at the Symposium.

After the end of the Symposium, we asked the participants who published their papers in the Symposium Proceedings and intended to publish them in AMS to send us their (the papers’) full and extended versions. Many of the participants responded. Altogether, we received 30 submitted papers. In accordance we AMS policy and practice and in keeping with its high standard, the papers were subjected to  rigorous double-blind peer review process which finally resulted in the acceptance of eight papers published in this special issue. I would like to remark that four of the 30 papers were submitted late and these four are still going through the review process. Any of them that is finally accepted will  be published in the journal’s next regular issue (i.e. Volume 3, Number 2) together with other accepted papers.

The articles published in this special issue span a wide range of topics in Operations Research and Applications. These include:

  • Multi-objective programming/optimization and applications.
  • Linear systems/interior point method of linear programming.
  • Vehicle routing problems/supply chain network optimization.
  • Multi-criteria decision making and applications.
  • Mathematical/quadratic programming.

On behalf of the Editorial Board of AMS, I would like to thanks the Special Issue Editor,  Dr. Sundar  Narayanaswami , very wholeheartedly for the  marvelous and highly commendable job she has done in making the publication of this special issue possible. She was a very great and effective link between the ISORAP 2013 organizers and our editorial Board. She maintained very great contact and effective communications with us throughout. Even after the recommendation of final acceptance by reviewers, she spent a lot of time and efforts in checking and in ensuring that the articles going into the special issue meet the standard of AMS.

I greatly appreciate the wonderful works done by the reviewers of the articles submitted for the special issue. They did very great and thorough jobs in the reviews and provided very useful and insightful comments, suggestions, and recommendations for us and/or the authors.

I will like to express my great appreciation to the Editorial Board members for the great and useful suggestions, advice, supports, and services they always give so graciously and generously.


Joel K. Jolayemi (Ph.D.), Editor-in-Chief.


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